January 31st, 2007


Celebrity Haikus I should have written a month ago

While christmas shopping I saw some people and was reminded of the celebrity haiku rule by cartographer but I'm shite at haikus and also I forgot who the second person was.

So, John Rocha then.

Cheer up John
You have a frowny face
Smile a little

I hit level 64 in WoW last night after a couple of hours play but the ease and speed with which I'm going up in levels fills me with a moderately diluted shame not to mention slight annoyance because I thought this was going to take a *lot* longer. I've done all the quests in Hellfire and Zangamarsh as well as being half way through the Terrokar forest ones barring any of the dungeon based ones. Actually I suspect that the speed is down to my not bothering with those just yet. Part of me wants to hit level 68 so I can transform into a bird as soon as possible and *then* take it easy but this is not a course of action that the rational voice in my head supports, in fact it calls me a loser every time I think about it.

Good expansion so far - an unreserved thumbs up for what comes out of the box but I'll reserve final judgement until the content patches arrive and they do/don't contain content that caters to 5% of the players like last freaking time, or hey, maybe even the 1% that saw naxxramas in the three months it existed before the expansion came out and it became redundant. Good use of development time there.