January 2nd, 2007


Relatively Luddite

Months ago I get a SATA (fast and sexy) hard drive to replace the IDE (SO last millennium) drive that upped and shat itself and because the entire IT world is arseways you still need a fucking floppy disk to install the drivers so you can install windows on it.
So I get a floppy drive and install it, lacerating my hand in the process but I don't have the interface cable for it because Peats sell the drive without the fucking cable. So I find a cable but I've lost the god damned floppy that came with the motherboard. So I go looking for a floppy disk but I threw all of them out in about 1996.
Mercifully the internet is full of criminal masterminds who use their powers for good. TinyXP Revision 5 is downloading right now and includes streamlined SATA support and all the service packs, updates and tweaks you could hope for.

I've also finally mastered all the controls for the Creative Vision M that followthebird got me for christmas in a fit of exceptional awesomeness AND I found a set of drivers that work on my Mac.

Go me.

The new years party went well but as usual I was utterly knackered from all the preparation and the fire was FAR from cooperative but gothwalk's notions about "patience" and "waiting" won out over my own tactics involving "petrol" and "hit it until fire comes out". I still maintain that recklessness is next to manliness but I suppose I'll hand it to him this time. Overall I had a good time and naturally I looked as debonair as is possible within safe paramaters for *sexy*. It was well worth the exhaustion, dehydration and subsequent asthma attack and cold that followed and kept me in bed today wondering how many lemsips it'd take to get you high.

The landlord is checking the place out on friday and presumably jacking up the rent for the next lease renewal but I'm feeling good enough about the state of the place as much as my latent paranoia allows. Back to work tomorrow and presumably a bit of job hunting because I'm coming up on review time there and I'm still torn between the easy but boring nature of my current job and the notion that there is more to life than closely examining the latest interactive ad for Norwich union or the welsh queen's festival horse racing thing.


I'll keep it simple this year I think. I'm aiming to drop another stone and a half so I'm down at the 12 stone mark (76kg) which is apparantly more or less my proper weight. That should take half the year, the other half will be taken up with getting back on track with the digital art thing and if I'm going to be ambitious about it I think I'd like to get one image published before the end of the year - furthermore this will be done without the aid of including nipples in any of the pictures.