November 27th, 2006


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Get this:
Denmark has a speeding problem and they employ a novel solution - topless women holding the speed limit signs above their heads. Motorists see them, slow down, everyone is that little bit safer (for various values of safe altered by the chance that said motorists are staring at the women instead of paying heed to the road). Of course now the entire city of Copenhagen is pretty much gridlocked because motorists are stopping to gawk so *technically* speeding and accidents are down.

Edit: Oh yeah, forgot about this - a "hacker" gets caught by Blizzard using all kinds of bots and speedhacks, gets his account banned for a few days for investigation. Since I found it worth posting, you can probably guess that it went downhill from there. Would that he and ALL his ilk would make good on that one.

Edit #2: Forgot about this too - the Brain song. Classy.