October 4th, 2006


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We have arrived in Boston safely. So far I've eaten a packet of beef jerky (Meaty goodness) drank some root beer (pleasantly cough medicinal but it went into my lungs) smoked cherry flavoured cigarillos (harsh yet sweet) and eaten a Burrito you could beat a man to death with. Then I discovered that american toilets aren't capable of dealing with a truly manly poo and that they flush more like a suggestion that it should leave rather than the more bouncer-esque methods of firing the contents of the bowl out to sea that the irish ones employ.
Also, I forgot to turn on roaming on my phone before I left so if anyone needs to contact me, they're better served texting followthebird in an emergency or emailing us. Right now I am sitting on the steps outside iresprite's place smoking my duty free in one of the nicest neighbourhoods I've ever seen. Last night iresprite took us around the area and brought us past the comic store and the gaming store so I know where to bring all my money. We also went to a "best buy" where they sell all the same stuff that I could get in Ireland only for about a third of the price.

Now we're going to have a shower and go get utterly lost trying to find our way into the city.

Number of gun battles seen so far: 0.

I see I've managed to miss our glorious government acting the complete bollocks and the PDs bending over and spreading wide in the name of sacrificing "principle" for political gain, the Garda leadership fucking up again and creating a situation the rank and file weren't equipped to deal with and causing injury to protesters a big scandal behind a telecoms company that thinks it shouldn't have to do things it doesn't want to. I actually felt my IQ go up when we left shannon (where we did all the immigration stuff to save us doing it in metal cages in the US - nice move, at least now that little spitoon of a town has a purpose)

Edit: re: the mayo thing - do people seriously believe that Shell told the gardai to get over there and a hundred and seventy of them listened or something? Michael McDowell and his corporate masters are where this one begins and ends.