July 10th, 2006


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Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest is the best movie ever. Punch anyone who says otherwise. followthebird and I saw it last night. Then we simply *had* to have rum afterwards - lots of rum, we drank more than a bottle of Captain Morgan's spiced rum between us. I'm not entirely sure I'm not still drunk.
Funny thing though, when we picked up the first bottle there were three or four left. When we went back for a second one it was the last one there.

Edit: For future reference, I should time ALL my trips to the cinema to coincide with a world cup final and massive music festivals. There wasn't hardly a soul in the place - no arsehole geek on his fifteenth visit mumbling the lines a second before the characters said them, no one singing filks, no one kicking my seat, no tosspot student making lame jokes and cracking wise about how rubbish the movie is, no scumbags chucking crap around the place and letting their phones ring on and on with that f*cking "AM I BOVVERED?" ringtone and no nerds explaining the technical inaccuracies of the ships. Paradise.