July 1st, 2006


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Checklist for Cavan visit:
Mac full of movies - yes
Camera - yes
MP3 player - yes
Sketchbook - yes
CD of movie pirating software for my Dad the burgeoning criminal - yes
CD of art software for my cousin the burgeoning artist - yes
CD of 3D material if I think I can trust cousin not to make porn with it and get me in trouble - yes
Knowledge that I'll haul it all down there and not use half of it - yes
Spare toothbrush in Dublin for when I leave my usual one down in Cavan - yes
Asthma inhalers for acursed pollen that lurks in the countryside waiting to kill me - yes
Spare pants - yes
Replied to comments in previous posts that I should have done ages ago - Not so much, but I was looking for my spare pants.
Finished outline of comic - No, but I can do that during the weekend

I suspect I'm good to go, if I'm not back by sunday night then the hillbillies got me.