May 30th, 2006


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Today is a definite downturn in my "Faith in humanity" stock. This imbecile is going to do whatever she can do get attentio.... avoid giving birth on 06/06/06 and there are others arranging caesareans to avoid it too.

Then of course, despite the way Harney could manage to push through legislation banning the sale of magic mushrooms mere hours after some tool got high and decided he could fly from a first floor window (as Bill Hicks said - "If he thought he could fly, why didn't he take off from the ground first?" our glorious ministers for various things have still, a week later, have yet to even begin closing the loophole that is allowing our nation's child molestors to challenge their convictions which, in the first case to hit the courts, was based on the forty year old man pleading guilty and admitting he knew the girl he slept with was twelve years old. Of course, if the basis of your appeal is "Well... when I said 'yes, I slept with that twelve year old girl' I actually *meant* 'I thought she was eighteen'" then I don't rate your chances of getting out any time soon.

It also looks like that hard disk is pretty much broken, even the lowest level tools I can use are seeing nothing but the occasional bad sector. I decided "Sod it" last night and started formatting it so I could get back to downloading and installing but worryingly, after leaving it formatting all last night it had managed about a third of the disk before I left for work this morning. This does not bode well.
I have my suspicions based on rumour, heresay and google searches that WoW does indeed have a tendency to screw up the disk it is on but to be honest I probably can't be bothered spending time finding out if this is true because it isn't like Blizzard will 'fess up and buy me a new hard drive and the alternative is that I waste time fretting about it when I know full well I'm going to install and play the damned thing when I get a chance.

Two 200Gb SATA drives in Raid0 seem like the logical option at this stage given the frequency with which my disks get accidentally formatted, fried or otherwise cleared of contents.

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One of the better ideas I've shoehorned into my life recently is not allowing myself to panic and buy things when I end up needing them. See... I could replace that banjaxed hard disk with a pair of 200 gig SATA drives in raid0 configuration, "significantly" (I can't find actual numbers for the % increases) increasing the speed of my renders and game load times and video processing and I'd have about 400Gb of space but I stop and think "Dude... you didn't even fill the 120 Gb disk you had and the reason you never do backups is because you never run out of space". So, one 80 Gb SATA disk it is`.
Now all I have to do is find the recipt for the dead drive, wrap it around a brick and beat the hell out of the guys in ITDirect with it. I swear to God they must use their stock as footballs in there.

Some people assume I have awful luck with computers - not true... recently, here is a list of my hardware purchases, retailers and problems over the past five years.

My first PC - A HP thing from Dixons.
Problems: Not much, the graphics and sound cards needed an upgrade but a hundred quid turned it from passable to excellent enough to get me three hundred quid for it three years later.

My second PC - custom build from ITDirect. Some of you may remember this one.
Problems: The fan fell off the graphics card. Then the CPU fractured because it was improperly installed. Then the motherboard fried something essential. Each time I took it back to get it fixed it took over a month. The hard disk is the only thing that survived.

My third PC - Built the fecking thing myself from parts bought on and from Peats. I used the hard disk from the old one figuring it should stay okay - and it did.
Problems: None at all. The core unit that I put together on the kitchen table in my last place still works like a *dream*

Cooling upgrade for my PC - figuring that the amount of 3D rendering I was doing was heating up the CPU more than I was happy with I went to Maplins and bought some extra fans.
Problem: Fans caught fire for some reason.

Hard drive upgrade for PC - The disk causing me the stress. Bought in ITDirect. If anyone ever sees me walking in even that general direction again make sure to tell me not to go to ITDirect because it is a bad idea.

Out of all the things that went wrong, I can attribute all of them except one to ITDirect, and that other one is something of a freakish occurance. The moral here is that I build a mean PC so long as I stay the hell away from the retail outlets staffed by monkeys.