May 12th, 2006


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The entrepreneurial spirit is a wonderful thing, you could wake up tomorrow morning with an idea that changes the world (and changes your life from the one you have to the one where you don’t have to work again) or you could wake up and say “By God, I’m going to build gallows. Dozens of gallows, from single person gallows to multi gallows mounted on a flatbed truck for the busy executioner on the move and on a budget. And then by crikey, I’m going to sell them to corrupt third world nations with human rights records that would make Saddam recoil a little

Humorous tone aside, this bloke is everything that is wrong with humanity and I hope he dies in a fire. How exactly it differs from someone who works in a gun factory or the like is a bit too subtle for me to grasp right now but somehow it seems so much seedier and nastier.

Of course, the big news today seems to be that

The strippe…. “booth babes” (Link is worksafe yet a bit sad) at E3 are no longer allowed to display their midriffs while employed at the show for the purposes of… being ogled by a bunch of loser stereotypes while re-enforcing the myth that gamers spend half their lives with a playstation controller in one hand and their “controller” in the other.
2) Brian Cowen ( ), the first minister for finance made entirely of rubber, saying “Now, it’d be great if the irish workers didn’t go about trying to get pay increases this year because we’re going to price ourselves out of the European work market”. Obviously by “irish workers” he didn’t mean himself or HIS pay increase. Also worth noting is that he compares our wages to the European average but when it comes to the cost of living here he’s careful only to mention specific nations who are more expensive than us.

Something went horribly wrong with this the first time I posted it, the URLS wouldn't work and for some reason everything after a) was missing. Stupid internet.

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You know, this morning as I went into work I felt a little foolish for having my coat on me. It was a little cumbersome to try and carry the coat, read a newspaper, smoke a cigarette and drink a coffee all at the same time, never mind trying to change the track on my MP3 player. I even got a couple of smirks from women in clothing that bespoke of a lack of forethought regarding irish weather.

But it looks like I get the last laugh, as the dark dark stormclouds gather. MUA HAHAHAHA.

For those of you who didn't get the stupid email a month ago, there was one doing the rounds regarding "tit friday" - the day when the weather has been nice in the morning often enough that the flouncy summer dresses get pulled out from the back of the cupboard and the city is filled with women in flouncy summer skirts. The flipside to tit friday is that inevitably the weather goes to hell, gets cold and potentially quite wet before the end of the day resulting in those women wearing not-so-flouncy and suddenly far more... revealing of lumps and bumps dresses.

The email was pretty lame and sort of creepy but... well... accurate from the look of it... which I guess makes it more creepy and lame by virtue of someone obviously having taken care to observe this over several years.

Edit: Actually, this one looks like its shaping up to be bad. Theres fork lightning and no wind whatsoever and a sky somewhat like the War of the Worlds. Not to mention that the storm is still several miles away from my location and the power is flickering already. This is going to be awesome.