March 6th, 2006


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Theres this jackass around our area who keeps leaving rubbish in our bin and this morning stuffed in a big enough bag that the lid wouldn't shut (and that kind of thing can result in your bin not being collected). Now in what was perhaps not the most civic minded move ever I just took it out and chucked it on the side of the road in the hopes that there'd be a bill or some other identifier in it that'd land them in trouble.
I would dearly like to catch this gimp. I was going to go with standing inside the door on a monday morning until I heard the bin being opened and then jump out at them. cartographer came up with the idea of setting up a webcam pointed at the bin (I'd employ an additional step of taking the resulting picture, enlarging it, printing it out and hanging it in the window with the caption "Stop putting your crap in our bins you cheapass" or similar).
Any other suggestions?

Saturday and World of Warcraft saw the grand opening of a new dungeon complete with a 10 hour long battle against the invading bugs from Starship Troopers. It was a bit of a loot extravaganza with the invading bugs dropping loads of treasure when killed. Unfortunately this brought out the greedy grasping bastard in everyone as they felt cheated by their utter inability to kill said invaders (best rant of the day goes to one moron who said that our group should leave the area and go somewhere else - where it would be impossible for us to kill the monsters - because he wanted to kill them for "Role playing reasons". Best *laugh* of the day was, after he kept this up for twenty minutes, watching him and his group get kicked around the place when they eventually had a go at the invading forces before they in turn went to a much lower level area to have a go).
The opening of the gates themselves was attended by several hundred players who, due to the odds of the server crashing thanks to the sheer number of people in one area, were asked to turn up, shut up and stand still. Needless to say, this didn't happen and folks happily yapped away, ran in circles and fought amongst themselves. This in turn prompted the biggest whinging, bitching and moaning session I've ever seen as the action on screen slowed to a crawl while the servers tried to cope with everything that was going on - honestly though, I think if everyone who complained had of left, the server would have performed perfectly.

After all that, a bunch of us went into the new dungeon to see what it was like. We got a fair distance in, worked well as a team but it was a pretty hard bit of game and while most people seemed to have fun, the "leader" seemed to get stroppier and stroppier before finally yelling at everyone because they were unable to deal with the entirely new tactics employed by the boss we were facing before he finally seemed to quit in a huff because of some confusion over treasure distribution.

When all is said and done, it was a pretty impressive (if not incredibly deep) event with big monsters and epic battles but despite the monty hall nature of the day, everyone seemed to be angry all the time. A bit mental.

Well, thats that.

Its been a good run but in order to avoid becoming one type of person I hate (asthmatic/smoking, overweight/unhealthy eater, half blind/obsessive computer gamer) I'm going to have to become a slightly better kind of person I hate (non smoker, healthy eater, balanced hobbyist). God damnit, I can't have even ONE fucking vice any more.

Back to the doc tomorrow to get my OTHER eye seen to now, get a renewal on my bloody dilator inhaler and a new prescription for the goddamned skin problem that gives me eyebrow dandruff (thus causing the eye problem). Tonight its off to the gym for what promises to be a long term investment in time and sweat to improve my lung capacity and ensure I don't die of a heart attack at thirty thanks to the pressure that crappy lung capacity is putting on my heart.

My only consolation is that none of you are getting any younger either and that I'll have better skin and a six pack....