February 9th, 2006


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I love that I live in a world that still has a neolithic tribe that isn't entirely clad in adidas or burberry. Obviously what happened the fishermen isn't great but its good to know that we still live in a strange world.

The writer of Fr Ted has a new show called "The IT Crowd" and is supposedly fantastic. Channel 4 have been releasing the episodes online a week in advance of broadcast but in an odd move have DRM locked the sodding thing so people outside the UK will be lucky to be able to watch it and even those IN the UK can't save it to their PCs for later. You can get it here. Needless to say, people with more knowledge of DRM technology have cracked it and released the episodes as torrents that you can find at the pirate bay. Just this once I reckon that it isn't piracy, in spirit anyway.