December 28th, 2005


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Dear Irish Broadband people.
First you sold us a service you couldn't provide and then told us that we shouldn't have expected that service - what were we? nuts?. Thats fine, its the american dream or something. I can forgive that. Of course then you went ahead and advertised the service you couldn't provide to even more people while your CEO was on TV explaining that we shouldn't be expecting the service we paid for - what were we? nuts? That was a little harder to swallow.
However, for sending your arse wanking pickup guy to get the mother-fucking piece of shit cunt modem at 8:45 you bunch of shitcocks have made my fucking list. Congratulations.

Let me explain something about 8:45 to you bastards, its like the witching hour - everyone good and decent has already left for work while all the bad little boys and girls who have the fucking day off are still in bed, dreaming about Stratholme runs in World of Warcraft and for some reason grenades shaped like breasts and something to do with ducks but the point is that at 8:45 you're either going to miss the person you're looking for OR piss someone off monumentally. If I had of realised what time it was you iers....

Anyway, preparations for our awesome new years party, to which you people are invited begin in earnest today, a little earlier than I had intended and a little earlier than cartographer would have intended but shes about to find out differently because hers was the immortal line "Irish Broadband, they're pretty cheap and they seem alright" and I believe in Karma.

And yes, that includes sending some of you a mail to tell you where the house is :)
Star Wars - Smelly Boy

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Having taken a long hard look at the cover of that movie magazine featuring the new Superman I predict that the new Superman movie will suck so hard it demolishes the credibility that superhero movies have built up over the last ten years.