November 30th, 2005


Still not dead

I'm just back from an illuminating two hours in the hospital outpatients department. My recovery isn't going as well as they'd hoped so my course of antibiotics has been extended for another fortnight after the current ten day one ends. I'm still back in work on monday but I'm going to be off again in a fortnight for an operation and then I'll be off for another few weeks (meaning I spend christmas in recovery, but at least I'll only be in hospital overnight).
They're going to knock me out, cut me open near the eye, open the tear duct, drill a hole through the tear sack and the bone beneath and put in a pipe to essentially bypass the canal that brings the tears from the sack - its a bit like a plumber dealing with a blocked pipe by drilling a hole in the water tank and trailing a hose from the hole to the back garden.

I asked about an eyepatch, they said no.