November 11th, 2005


Mr Wombat Reviews:

F.E.A.R - It will make you crap your pants. From the look of the special features on the DVD version (yup, director's commentary and all) they spent as much time carefully crafting the play experience (giving you the right amount of time between fights, frights and puzzles) as they did in writing the game. Never mind the effort put into designing levels to make them feel realistic.

Black & White 2 - not bad. Age of Empires meets tamagochi. The only reason I'm writing this post though is because the bastard thing crashed on me and I hadn't saved in about an hour. Of course, that was an hour of hardship and repairing the town after being attacked by two hundred samurai that I can avoid in future by not being stupid to leave them sitting outside the gates and ignoring them while the siege engines crawled towards my town to make rubble of the walls. Contrary to what I said about the game before, it IS possible to beat each level without violence - which is what I'd just done when it crashed.

The Corpse Bride - Its not as good as the Nightmare before Christmas and the first twenty minutes or so might leave you thinking its going to be pretty poor but it shapes up well once it gets to the proper Burton creepy bits.

NightWatch - I get the impression that reading the books might help but there was only one element that confused me and that was only because I'm used to movies spelling that particular element out in block capitals. Its stylish as all hell, without overwhelming the story in "Fuck! Wow!" moments. It'll never be as famous as the Matrix though, because the people in it are mostly ugly.

Howl's Moving Castle - It will make you feel like a kid again. Its beautiful, a great story and you don't need the moderately in depth knowledge of Japanese spirituality to understand it that you did with Spirited Away. From a technical standpoint, its impressive too given how much of the movie was rendered in 3D and how little you'll spot that was.

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Fuck me, thats some tasty Karma. Joe Francis, the maker of the "Girls Gone Wild" video series and all round sleazebag who likes to take advantage of drunken idiots in need of cash and who seems to have made it his mission to reduce women to the status of "idiot sperm recepticles" is assaulted and videotaped with a sex toy up his ass saying "My name is Joe Francis, I’m from Boys Gone Wild, and I like it up the ass.” at gunpoint (the gunpoint bit is alleged).
Don't get me wrong, I like boobs as much as the next guy, but I have limits.