October 14th, 2005


Get off mah lawn!

Time for another episode of "Grumpy Old Wombat".

As I mentioned a while back, I've been thinking of painting a Warhammer Army for playing in tournaments and whatnot. Its been an age since I played and I'm probably quite out of touch with the whole scene and current rules and whatnot but it seems like something I'd like to do. However, I'm going to leave it until the new year and if the urge is still there I'll act on it then rather than impulse buy a hundred quids worth of gear that sits in a cupboard with my other ill thought out buys.
So it was with that in mind that I found myself in Games Workshop last week on a thursday evening, having a look at the avaiable books and trying to gauge which army I liked the look/feel of the most. The sign on the door of the shop said they were open until eight PM so I had plenty of time - or so I thought. I got there at about ten to six and started looking, nay perusing the merchandise and before long some of the conversations in the shop started filtering through.
Y'know, I'm not easily shocked - I like and don't like certain things to be sure, I'll even find some of them offensive but ten years of exposure to the internet theres little to shock me. For that matter I'll often find humour in others' misfortune, I sometimes wonder if human comedy didn't reach its pinnacle with home videos of a man being hit in the crotch by a stray golf ball. All that said though, I have to admit being shocked when I heard several of the staff and customers (actually, I was the only person in the shop not engaged in the conversation) laughing about how a friend of theirs was dating a blind girl and how he'd lost his temper with her and started punching her in the face screaming "bitch" and "whore". It wasn't until I did the whole glowering thing that they actually stopped and one of them muttered "maybe we'd better talk about something else". Shortly afterwards they closed the shop up and stopped letting people in so they could have their own private games club while the place was still supposed to be open. A classy bunch to be sure.