August 13th, 2004


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I have some more stuff up at Deviant Art now. Better picture quality than before since I have a clue what I'm doing now. Four scenes, two of them with alternative renders. I'm feeling quite proud of the ones titled Sorry, Sorry V2 and Ascent.

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From the Sun so it must be true.

Rabbit hides pile of sticks.
Sticks become bonfire.
Rabbit flees bonfire with its tail blazing.
Rabbit enters cricket hut, sets fire to it
Rabbit burns cricket hut to the ground.

Rabbit seems to escape through a hole in the wall of the hut.

Granted they don't explicitly state that last bit in the story itself but asa rabbit owner I can tell you that if there is any possibility whatsoever of a rabbit escaping, especially when pissed off or afraid, then it will.