August 9th, 2004


The theme for 2004 will be angst.

So far this year

metalrabbit moved to Cork.

That crazy bastard I let into a house with a bunch of my friends was committed to an asylum after killing his mum by jumping up and down on her head. I fully expect to see him some evening on the way home from work.

We were burgled.

Metalrabbit's uncle passes away suddenly and unexpectedly

A guy I've known for years decides to go mental and stab someone

I now declare this 2004b. It will be slightly shorter than normal but hopefully not quite so full of anguish, exhaustion and annoyance.

spoke too soon

A parcel I ordered a few weeks ago from a crowd in Germany is now on its way back to them because they put the wrong address on it and never bothered sending me the tracking number for the thing.

It's fuckwits like this (and the crowd who charged me for a spindle of blank DVDs that I never got) that keep internet commerce from taking off.