July 2nd, 2004


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Estimated time until this stupid piece of crap is theoretically dealt with:

7 hours, 1 minute, 30 seconds

Far more realistic expectation:

14 hours, 34 minutes, 30 seconds +X where X is any number of seconds you care to pick.

The Wombat weekend national tour

Right, since "deadline" seems to be a dirty word here I'm out of here on the basis that we're finishing the project on monday instead of this evening.
Tomorrow I'll be showing up in the Liffey Valley shopping center doing demos of Duelmasters, the new Wizards of the Coast thing. From there it's down to Carlow that evening, with nary a chance to spend my ill-gotten gains, though no doubt metalrabbit will have a suggestion or two :). Back to Dublin on Sunday evening, back to work on monday.