June 28th, 2004


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If I can get through this week without having a major hissy fit it's going to be some kind of miracle. I think I'm on top of everything right now but "everything" is a large stack of poorly balanced, ill fitting, irregularly shaped objects that wobbles alarmingly in the breeze.


A synopses from aint it cool news:

Neither angels nor demons can enter into the same plane of existence as humankind: Earth. But half-breeds do dwell on the planet. And the demonic ones do everything in their power to influence humans to commit sins: rape, murder, etc...

John Constantine is our anti-hero. Born with a gift: the ability to see half-breeds. Unable to cope with the sights, he tries to commit suicide when he's a kid. Resuscitated, and still plagued by his visions, unfortunately he's also now committed a mortal sin (trying to take his own life) and is destined to go to hell himself. In an effort to repent and gain entry to heaven, he dedicates his life to sending demonic half-breeds back to hell. But, alas, no one upstairs seems to be opening the gates for him, and his time is running out as a habbit of smoking ciagarettes has led to a case of progressive lung cancer. Having become so infamous, it's said he's the only soul Satan will come to earth to collect personally

Funk and Disorderly

You'd not think it from my journal but I'm really a remarkably relaxed person in some senses. The main one being that I never actually get stressed. Cranky or angry certainly but never really stressed - definitely not to the point where I'm getting headaches or a sick stomach. At least I didn't until yesterday evening. There's too much nonsense being perpetrated by too many people at too much cost to me and I can't properly deal with any of them without hurting or embarassing someone who doesn't deserve it.