June 23rd, 2004


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You know what?
I'm getting a bit of a pain in my ass with all the arguments against the RIAA going around these days. Yes, the RIAA are suing their "customers" and yes, CDs cost a lot of money.

I won't contest these things.

What I *will* contest is the sickening notion held by so many that CD prices should be lower for any number of reasons purely on the basis that "I want it and those bastards charge too much". Why the *fuck* should anyone drop their prices just because the customers (or to be fair, a small crossection of the customers) think the prices should drop? As for the ones who claim prices should drop because music is so shit - well... beating is too damned good. The same goes for the ones who say "I can only afford one or two CDs a month"... I can only afford to upgrade my PC once a year at most but you won't see me shoplifting graphics cards any time soon.

I want the complete Buffy and Angel series on boxed set and the odds are very strong that if and when I do get them it won't be in an entirely legitimate manner. I make no excuses for that, it's wrong and I'm doing a bad thing. You don't see White Wolf or Wizards of the Coast dropping their prices on their books no matter how much bitching is done on their forums regarding the price (personally I have no problems with the prices, I get enough entertainment from them).

Rip MP3s, burn DVDs, download PDFs of RPGs from the internet - They're all illegal (no technically about it) but for the love of God, don't try to justify it with your pathetic excuses about how the prices are too high, or how you wouldn't have bought them anyway so the companies involved lost no money. You stole them, you had the opportunity to do so, you did it, it was bad, get over it and stop making excuses for yourself. I'm not going to judge you for thievery but please stop lying to yourself.

My name is Mr Wombat and I regularly steal [1], I am also largely amoral.

(Though in fairness, I now buy more CDs and RPGs now than I did before I had the opportunity to try before I bought - I wouldn't have touched the Angel of Buffy RPGs without reading them from cover to cover first and now I own all the books produced but I suspect that I'm an exception and also the point.)