June 14th, 2004


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That was an interesting weekend. We all escaped working late on friday though I had a perfect "Sod that, I have to go cast my vote, you wouldn't interfere with my constitutional right would you?" excuse. The fact that I did my voting by post in no way invalidates my reasoning. All in all though it was a disappointing set of results.

Fianna Fail - they lost a lot of seats. Whoop de fucking doo. I'd be hapier with them keeping the seats in light of who took up the slack.

Sinn Fein - they did well. Fair dues to them, after decades of killing innocent men, women and children in unannounced nailbomb attacks and all their work with a peace process that would not have been possible (or more importantly) necessary without them they've finally made their mark on legitimate irish politics. I'd say "gotten what they deserve" except that doesn't involve winning elections so much as it does burning in hell.

The PDs did nothing as usual, I begin to wonder how it's democratic that they end up in government given their support.

Fine Gael did well, which is okay I guess. At least they're more honest than Fianna Fail and they far less likely to go out of their way to serve themselves and their mates instead of the electorate.

Still, voter apathy is what you get when you ask people to choose which of the inmates gets the keys to the asylum.

Then there was the referendum on citizenship, which was passed with 80% in favour overall. In layman's terms, this means that we have put control over citizenship in the hands of the morons in the Dail. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm in favour of seeing some sane rules over citizenship, they made a fuck of it last time and this was a perfect chance to rectify the situation - which of course they failed to do. Instead we voted to remove control of citizenship (a fairly fundamental right which IMO belongs in any constitution) and let Bertie and his cronies and their track records legislate on it.

80% of this country are god damned fucking retards. I make no apologies and no exceptions for this, as far as I am concerned, anyone who voted yes on this one is a fucking idiot.


I'll stop soon, honest.

With the current Orpheus game heading down the plughole thanks to an unfortunate combination of social or work commitments we're considering playing a few one off games until one of our number decides to disappear off to the far end of our fair nation for a few years.

With that in mind, I still want to actually run the damned campaign, anyone interested?