May 31st, 2004


(no subject)

Asides from the whole "spending the entire fucking weekend in this fucking place" thing, that was a pleasant weekend. We got the last few bits and pieces moved from the old place and into the storage shed where it will remain until such times as we have the energy to pull it all back out again and chop it into pieces. My stack of things I want to either
a) throw out
b) give away
c) copy then give away
d) launch into space
grows with every hour I spend tidying up.

I got myself a sweet little 17" TFT monitor over the weekend in maplins and thanks to a previously untapped reserve of self control I managed not to walk out with either the "pre modded brushed aluminium case with LED equipped fans" or the five speaker, full surround sound with subwoofer and other things that are probably designed to make me shit myself whenever I watched predator. More to the point though I also got my PC working to the point where I could play DVDs without any problems for a couple of hours as I cleaned up. Games might still cause trouble but that's software, I can deal with software.

As mentioned before, the overtime pay was not forthcoming so I have to have a wee chat with my boss regarding how I wasn't kidding when I said I would never work another weekend in this place (or any other place for the duration of my time with the company) as long as I lived or until the cash appeared in my account. That pretty much gives them two weeks to sort it out since I have next weekend off (sweet luxury!)

I think I'll try and spend a few hours over the next couple of days playing computer games to de-stress. GTA:Vice City seems like a good option right now.