May 21st, 2004


That bit of fiction I was on about.

Bear in mind that it has been nearly ten years since I last wrote fiction of any kind more creative than my CV. It needs a paragraph or two at the start to set the scene properly but it is being told from the perspective of one person who begins the story at the point where his team meets to begin the job.

All comments welcome , brutally negative or otherwise. Just bear in mind that I'm feeling slightly delicate since the rabbits creeped the living fuck out of me by making strange noises every time I was out of the room for the last ten minutes.

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Also, I should point out that the fiction thing isn't finished yet, it's only about half way through.

Incidentally, I'm watching episode one of Urban Gothic. Someone needs to be ashamed of themselves, possibly me for carrying on watching beyond the point where the phrase "junkie lore has it that..." was uttered by a girl wearing a 200 quid leather jacket and a 100 quid haircut and dye job.