February 2nd, 2004



In theory at least today promises to be interesting since they finally confirmed a "solid" date of today for my review, though no doubt it's actually no more solid than any of the past six days that have been set but I have a good feeling about today.

By "good" of course I mean "horrible trepidation and a near certainty that there will be annoyance and confrontation by the end of the day not to mention yellings about certain assurances made to me back in december".

It's a strange sort of scenario in our place and I'm not sure how many others do this but it's the first time I've encountered it. The pay increases were decided a week or two ago and the sole point of this review is for them to tell you what you're getting with no opportunity for you to argue your own personal case. Granted, our boss has done a lot of that for us in looking up the industry averages and so on but that's all the arguing that gets done on our part really.

Anyway, I'm bringing in a backpack with me tomorrow and I'll try and stealthily get my stuff ready for a dramatic exit should things not go well, with luck I'll get a chance to read my contract to see what the deal IS with dramatic exits.

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Today can't have been a good one for dublin commuters, the rail services were disrupted because one of those high rise cranes started to bend and break yesterday afternoon right beside the tracks. The this morning there was a crash near where I work where a van pulled out and the driver, who wasn't paying attention, drove it into the side of a bus, I'd say there was almost no damage done but of course they had to wait for the police to arrive and that meant no traffic could get past. Apparantly no officers arrived until 20 minutes after I saw this, so by that stage the entire city was backed up.

Thousands of people, sitting in their cars, frustrated and angry, and there I am, sipping my poser coffee, chuckling.

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On the off chance that Rupert Murdoch or members of the British government are reading this journal:
Click here to find out why.

For shame chaps, for shame.

Of course, even if they WERE, my posting a small picture and a link wouldn't make a damned bit of difference to their agenda since popular opinion matters not a fucking damn in the halls of power.

Christ I'm bored

It's being a long day with nothing to do, no reviews and a hot room. My attempts at haiku have been miserable and I can't find a way to put the last two syllables on the end of this one

spider man spider
man doing the things a
spider can

Okay, so it's less of a haiku than putting a song lyric into haiku format but boredom has a way of crusing the creativity out of my mind. What's worse is I can feel the reckless sillyness that always accompanies a lack of stimulation and I'll really have to tone it down this time.