January 16th, 2004


Ah bollocks

Only half past ten and it's not being a good morning. In fact it's being a particularly ... bothersome morning.
I slept in until 9:45, got into work to find out that our contract with one of our major customers (one of the top two) has been terminated. That's not so bad since compensation for terminated contracts can often be worth more than the contract itself was. More to the point, the frenchman will be coming back because he was working in their offices in the US.

Bollocks, big hairy bollocks.

Not a resolution as such

But since metalrabbit has found herself a house in Cork the permenancy of her move down there has leaped the final hurdle along the running track of my realization that's she's down there for a year minimum.

So with that in mind, I've decided that what I want to do this year is develop three RPGs since I have so much free time these days. One contemporary one, unholywars, a SciFi one and a fantasy one (that steampunk fey idea I had a while back) and publish them for free on the web. They might be entirely generic and derivative but more importantly they'd not cost anything and be complete games with a proper layout (as opposed to the two page doc files and HTML pages I see all over the web offering themselves up as "a complete campaign setting").


Following on from the last post, there's a room to let in my place from around the end of february. It's 600 euro per month (which might sound steep but read on) for a single room with a king sized bed. The house is gas heated, all the mod cons are there like microwave, electric cooker, electric shower, no cable TV (since I only ever watch "blizzard of odd" on mondays and "Buffy" on thursdays).
It's less than a five minute walk to the shops (newsagents, video store, dry cleaners, eddie rockets, abrakebabra, a regular chipper's, off licenses, donnybrook fair and a few pubs) and the bus stop served by the 46 bus route (the most frequent in the city).
The lease is up in june but it'll almost certainly be renewed at that point since the landlord is happy to leave things be.