The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Heart rendering

The process or rendering vehicles is not the non stop thrill ride you might expect.

Still, I've solved the problem I was having with the graphics coming out all shitty in the PDF (it was just a matter of using a menu option instead of the seemingly identical button on the interface) so they look fine now and there's only maybe a 5% increase in file size which is something I can deal with. At roughly 60K per page on average the end result shouldn't tax most people's modems. It might even be less depending on how many illustrations certain text heavy areas need to keep from looking boring and sparse. It's all a pleasant break from the character generation, there's only so much you can take of going over the various outcomes of a skill check before you decide that your time would be better spent in the company of a playstation. Gripes aside though, if I ever decided to do another game after this it'll be done in no time - ground work like this at least *feels* like something that need only be done the once fully.

For the system itself, and examples therof I am turning to the good old D&D 3rd ed player's handbook. It's probably the best example there is of how to describe and illustrate a system in clear and simple terms that there is. D20 Modern might be more relevant but for sheer simplicity I don't think you can beat the D&D layout. Those of you who care might remember that for the character generation I focused more on the new White Wolf World of Darkness book for inspiration, I see no reason not to chop and change sources as long as I can keep the feel of the text more or less consistent. Of course, once I'm done, I'll be foisting it on you lot to be the final judges of that particular theory.

Anyway, another PDF in a few days, it'll be one of four areas this time - more of the character generation, the introduction chapter, the start of the system chapter (probably focusing more on combat) or equipment. Probably character generation though, I'm trying to stay focused.

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