December 31st, 2003


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No, as it turns out that was Max Payne 2 evening and early morning. 2AM and I just finished it.

Granted there are replay modes and I'll definitely play it again but I'd like a little more game before I got back to complete repitition.

Edit: Cos I hit post without thinking:
In fairness, it was one of the more intense eight hours or so of a game that I've ever played, there were several points in it where I was patting myself on the back and thinking "Good lord I am a badass" and the like, the whole game was intensely pretty and I'd reccomend it to anyone even at the full 60 euro price tag since it works out nicely with the entertainment ratio [1] since I'm going to get another eight or more hours entertainment out of it yet since I hear there are different endings on various difficulty levels.

[1] The basic unit of entertainment is the cinema, for roughly 10 euro you get to see two hours of movie, this works out at five euro an hour for entertainment. As long as PRICE divided by HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT DERIVED is equal to five or less, you're on a winner.

Write out 100 times:

A katana is not a toy, even when you are bored, you will not play with the katana under any circumstances, you especially will not play with it in the sitting room.

Of course, that glass was looking really shifty.