November 24th, 2003



I hate buying bus tickets, particularly those 2Easy deals (the ones that are good for two journeys of a particular value) because the local shop that sells them seems to employ only people who cannot understand me.

If I go in and ask for an 80 cent 2easy (two 80 cent trips) then they give me a kids one that covers two 40 cent trips and COSTS 80 cent.
If I ask for a 1.60 2easy then they give me one that covers 2 1.60 trips and costs 3.20.
When I specifically ask "Can I have two eighty cent 2easys" they give me two of the kids ones I mentioned before.

Can someone please tell me how the hell I'm supposed to phrase this so I can get one single ticket that covers two 80 cent trips and costs 1.60? because it took about three tries this morning.

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Well, now that the bleached part of my hair is growing out the grey part is making itself known again. Won't be long now before hair colouring is going to be an exercise in adding rather than bleaching.

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I'm not making any resolutions here but I think I'm going to start walking to work from now on. The bus this evening was typically packed and there was a horribly sheeplike quality to everyone on board. Crowding up the front, shoving, standing in the aisles and wedging themselves in between other people regardless of the discomfort they caused. Not a soul would give up their seat to someone elderly or disabled and the whole thing just left me feeling sort of sick to the stomach.
I don't have it as bad as a lot of other people on the bus, a 5' 10 heavy set guy with bleached hair and a leather trenchcoat doesn't exactly say "bug me" quite like a small asian kid but still....

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Oh, since the local elections are coming up, can anyone advise me as to the extent the law allows profanity?
Could I for example hang a banner out the windows with "No salesmen, no beggars, no vote grabbing wankers" on it?
Which of the following are illegal when canvassers come to the door
1) Spraying them with a super soaker full of urine.
2) Informing them quietly "I will never vote for you/your ridiculous cunt of a candidate as long as I live and I shall devote my life to ensuring that they never get into office, nor their children nor their children's children to the seventh generation"
3) Threatening them with a sword (gothwalk, I need to borrow a sword)
4) Screaming profanities at them like a madman
5) Answering the door naked but for some rosettes covering strategic areas. The rosettes will be for a different party to the one canvassing (some preperation required)

And FYI folks, remember, the green and labour party voted in bin charges too, if that's an issue for you. Also remember how Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Progressive Democrats all got together to make sure 100,000 american troops bound for Iraq and Afghanistan were allowed to pass through Shannon Airport.

Which sort of leaves me short on options...