November 6th, 2003


A Milestone

Tomorrow I get to do my first solo teleconference since the time I called the accounting head of Her Majesty's treasury stupid.
I'm not going to chicago after all, at least not for a month or two at the soonest, february at the latest (assuming it happens at all). My tomorrow night the Frenchman is more or less out of my life for ten months and it is entirely likely that I am going to get a little drunk, nay fucking paralytic in celebration. Everyone is meeting in some pub or other for a few drinks so I plan on coming home first to get loaded up on whatever is lurking at the back of the cupboard, I'm pretty sure Vodka, White Rum, Cherry Brandy, some sort of herbal banana liquer and golden nuggest breakfast cereal should do the trick. The irony is that I'm going to be in too good a mood to tell him what I actually think of him - I can only hope I'm in a good enough mood to be sick on him I guess.

I'm reading the dictionary of angels at the moment, I never realised there were quite so many of them. Warren Ellis posted a short story today where he mentions that 10,500,000 angels gathered every day to greet the new dawn and looking at the figures in the book it's not all that unbelievable since there were supposedly 400,000,000 of them to begin with (133,330,000 of those fell after the war). The most interesting little fact I read so far was that according to revelations itself there are still demons in heaven - heaven it would seem has bad neighbourhoods too. The church doesn't tend to acknowledge that bit since they don't want people thinking there's a chance that once they die they'll end up in heaven's equivalent of Rialto or Detroit.
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Her very own personal finance plan

So I went into Woods on Baggot st this morning for my bacon roll and a danish. These two items are almost always enough to keep me going until six in the evening and more to the point, they're addictively tasty. They've had a new employee in there for the last month or so but I try to avoid being served by her since she seems sort of.... creepy.
It's nothing I could firmly put my finger on but anyone who takes a bread roll and stuffs ALL the bacon into the middle bit, leaving the ends bacon free, well... that's not normal - in fact it feels to me like she might have anger issues.
Anyway I didn't have a choice this morning as she was the only one behind the counter. I ordered my roll and picked out a danish from the heap.
In the meantime, two more people came in behind me, the first one gets himself a sausage roll, the next one gets himself a danish. Now, I'm at the front of the queue but she decides to deal with us mere customers in reverse order, which didn't so much bother me as puzzle me. The last guy paid up for his danish and then she asked the sausage roll guy for 4.85 euro which he paid without comment. Then it was my turn and she rings up six euro on the till and asked me for it.
I said "err... no, it's three for the roll and 1.70 for the danish"
She replied "Yes, six euro"
Wondering what the hell was going on, I pressed the point "No, three plus 1.70 is 4.70, it's 4.70 for a roll and a danish"
She spent a while looking at the price board behind the counter and turned back to me and said "Oh, ok, five euro".

I dunnow, maybe all her bills arrived at once.