September 18th, 2003


Greatest movie ever

Now you will receive us, we do not ask for your poor or your hungry, we do not want your tired and sick. It is your corrupt we claim.
It is your evil that will be sacked by us. With every breath we shall hunt them down, each day we will spill their blood till it rains down from the skies.
Do not kill, do not rape, do not steal, these are principles which every man of every faith can embrace. These are not polite suggestions, these are codes of behaviour and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost.

There are varying degrees of evil, we are due lesser forms of filth, not to push the bounds and cross over into true corruption, into our domain. For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three, and on that day you will reap it and we will send you towards whatever God you wish.

And shepherds we shall be,
For thee my lord for thee,
Power hath descended forth from thy hand,
That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command,
So we shall flow a river forth to thee,
And teeming with souls shall it ever be.

In nomine patre, filis, spiriti sancte.

That's it

I'm writing a letter of resignation.

This shit has gone on long enough, it's affecting my health and happiness, I'm constantly angry and stressed, couldn't sleep last night, felt sick all day and had a migrane. If they don't do something about all the nonsense going on then I'm better off out of there.

Also, since it's talk like a pirate day tomorrow I'm giving serious consideration to penning it in pirate speak.

An explanation to the last one

The frenchman managed to manufacture enough meetings to keep him booked up for the entire day.
Mails were sent, answers were not forthcoming and I spent the day stressed and migraney. I looked at some job sites, looked at some salary surveys and realised that... well.... I'm better off out of there if it comes to that.
Now, I sort of hope it doesn't come to that, I'd prefer the grievances were dealt with, but either way I don't want to keep working in that environment, one where another department does it's level best to wreck our toys and shit in our sandpit.