August 5th, 2003


The naughty that men do

I spent the vast majority of my weekend trying to sort out my software collection, with some success I might add. I played a little dark age of camelot (which I am now playing a little again since I talked myself into it while describing it to gothwalk), I tried using the hak pack editor for NWN to make myself a hack pack of my own but that didn't work out, I'll definitely be hosting a regular session of it once we have the magical DSL connection in. Myself and Greg went to a Lan yesterday where I drank too much caffine stuff and as a result I am feeling decidedly sick and (looking back over this post) losing the ability to employ paragraphs and proper punctuation and follow a train of thought for more than half a sentence. We played counterstrike, vampire slayers, firearms and starcraft - the last two being a little lame for some reason. A good weekend all in all, though I'm considering taking next monday off to have a long weekend where I do nothing instead of rushing around the place under the illusion I'm being productive.

Tonight I finish American Gods (for the fourth time) and Stupid White Men (thanks metalrabbit)

Mmm.. tea

So I get home this evening, have something to eat and set down to fix
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So I get home this evening, have something to eat and set down to fix <ljusertag = "metalrabbit">'s computer, spend an hour and a half just trying to persuade it to operate long enough to copy the essential stuff onto the spare partition, format it, reinstall windows and find the bastard thing back to its old tricks within minutes of installing the last few drivers... come to think of it, it started acting the bastard after I got the graphics accelerator drivers installed.

This is not the way the world should work. By rights I should be getting peeled grapes fed to me while I searched through a box of about fifty CDs of drivers and applications for the right one for the modem. Toga clad virgins fanning me were entirely optional but welcome. Instead she takes over my PC and eats my god damned M&Ms. Still.. she's making ice cream, so there's hope yet. Still, I sat down to read stuff for a while, something I don't do during the week as often as I'd like.

Then I cleaned out the rabbit cage and put down some fresh sawdust and hay, making two of the house's occupants very happy, I know they're happy because they're ignoring me totally in favour of fresh bedding to eat, usually I can't move from my chair without being the most interesting thing in the house - a novelty for me, someone who thinks a good way to spend an evening is killing monsters in some MMO or other.
Incidentally, dubliners, if you've been noticing a foul stench around the city today, I suspect it's less to do with our stressed sewage system and more to do with the two day old gumbo in a pot in our place. That shit is foul, no wonder the south rose - moving north was the only way to get away from the smell. Now fresh gumbo is delightful but a householder hint to you all is to make sure it's sealed in lead at the bottom of the sea before the day is out.

Why I am not good in a panic

Just as I finished the last post she asked me to check and see if she'd left the hot water on in the hotpress upstairs since she'd had a bath earlier. Sure enough, a baths worth of water had been boiling for four hours.

Soon after she started washing the dishes, making sure to not touch the hot water coming from the tap since it was bound to be around 99.99 degrees celsius (do your own conversion americans, we managed the metric system 20 years ago) if not more. Then she turns on the cold tap and puts her hand in it. Unfortunately the cold pipe, being so close to the hot one was about the same temperature and, as I'm sure a doctor would term it "burned the fuck out of it" and screamed for help.

Like a chubby combat clad batman I swept to the rescue to grab the lavender oil from the bathroom (once I realised what had happened). The conversation went like so:

Me: WHAT?!?
Me: the fuck? what?
Me: I'll just get you some lavender, calm down, we'll get the other thing in a minute
Me: eh?
MR: B.A.T.H.R.O.O.M!
Me: *searching cabinet instead of the box where I KNOW she keeps the oils* in here?
Me: Ah.. *search the box*
MR: *sob sob sob*
Me: Here we go now *shakes bottle*
Me: Oooh! *toss the bottle to one side, hear a plop as it lands in the toilet bowl*
MR: *gritted teeth* hurry up, it really really hurts!

Finally I found a bottle of the stuff with some oil in it, we doused her hand, found some painkillers and sorted it out as best we could without grafts and the like. Luckily years of abuse in college has given her skin (and intestines) certain asbestos-like qualities and she should be okay.

Still, don't fucking call me if you find yourself on fire or something.