May 23rd, 2003


We lucky few

For both you other AO players reading this, myself, chris and eoin are planning on being on for several hours on saturday in the subway, the characters involved are all in the level 20 region and we're hoping to stay in there well past the level 25 limit to get at the good stuff. With that in mind I'll probably be online tonight for a while raising cash so we can buy all the spells and healing stuff we'd need for an extended visit. If all goes well we'd be heading for the temple soon afterwards. We will also be chatting for the duration, so if you're bored, feel free to log in and call chris (grifterof) a wuss.

In other news

Bored bored bored bored bored bored and so on, I downloaded a mass of old 2nd ED D&D stuff to read (old sourcebooks, some adventures) to keep relatively sane and to have something other to look at than a blank white wall with attractive wood panelling cubicle looks. If anyone knows of a site with decent D20 PDF stuff (legit, pirated [1] or otherwise - I'm that bored) then please, please let me know. There's some really good stuff on the wizards site itself actually, mostly AD&D naturally but the D20 adventures are quite nice.

I finished off 10 skeleton models last night too, some slight conversion work done on them, the bases are all grassy and covered in dirt, as are the skeletons themselves (they have a sort of freshly raised look to them) I'm still on the lookout for chainmail or D&D miniatures though, I've not had any real success in that department despite lengthy and extensive web searching all over the place. have a fantastic range of minis BTW, chronopia, dark age and confrontation in particular are really really nice. Anyway, next set of minis is the 10 uruk-hai (who are half done at the moment anyway) and then the men of rohan (who are proving to be a nightmare to paint for some reason, nothing I can do can make them look less than half assed) then I dunnow, I might get myself something larger to paint, just to have a nice big set piece.

[1] Naughty technically, but I only get copies of books I already own to protect against bunny escapes and subsequent destruction.