January 31st, 2003


Cocked eyebrow

According to the salaries scale on exp.ie, I'm underpaid to the tune of at least 7,000 euro a year, and judging from the hints dropped by a co-worker, that's not entirely inaccurate.

Now you may well say "Mr W, you should be glad to have a job in the current environment", to which I reply: "Well, I am to a certain degree, but nonetheless, news like this can only make me feel like someone is tweaking my nipples roughly from behindly".

Apparantly, for a software tester with 3-5 years of experience, the lower pay is 32K, the middle is 38K and the high end (which no longer exists in this country) is 46K. So even on the lowest end of the scale, and allowing for things being rough, and this being old information, I'm still getting the shaft.

But not just any shaft, the rusty metal one....

It's not a shock, I've known for ages I was being ripped off, even when things were good, but it's sort of unpleasant to have it confirmed.

On a lighter note, it's friday and I may well be working tomorrow! Needless to say this was sprung on my poor boss (who has had to relay more than his fair share of dumpage on me lately, oddly enough I feel sorry for him, he's a good person) today and it seems that we have to have a presentation ready for tuesday afternoon, naturally the work involved in this presentation is long and tedious. I know he'll do his best to keep us out of it but it ain't looking good.

And despite it all, I'm not stressed, I just know I'm going to take out the annoyance on someone else later for laughs anyway, so I feel good.

No... there it is..

Right, I'm off to blow smoke in through the basement door onto the developers.
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