December 11th, 2002



God damn I'm not well.

Saturday night was Greg's 21st and it was a mighty cool one at that. I mocked his friends a little, talked to some fairly cool people and generally enjoyed myself much more than I expected (given that I'm not sociable at the best of times, let alone at 'family' functions). I lapsed into a drunken doze a lot earlier than I would have liked but what can you do?

(as an aside, on the way to carlow I decided to pick up a booster of heroclix on the way to the station and got yet another unique from the DC comics set, this time the original "The Flash")

Anyhoo, we got the train back up (packed as usual) on sunday afternoon and the rest of sunday was quiet enough for me until around 3 AM when I woke up to discover that I had the enviable task of getting up every hour or so for the rest of the night to be violently sick. I decided that it might be a cool idea to take the day off work to recover from whatever the hell it was that was causing the rapid expulsion of food from any orifice that seemed handy. Unfortunately that was also the day the neighbours chose to do something involving power tools, metal drums and a moose in the room opposite our bedroom.

Anyway, tuesday was much the same deal and I'm back in work today, much weakened, tired and sickly but otherwise more or less okay, though I would like to propose a motion that toilet doors in the workplace should be soundproofed for the purposes of sparing the embarassment of poorly workers like myself.
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YAY!!!..No GIR, that's bad.... YAY!!!

Not that I didn't see it coming or anything but when was invader Zim cancelled? What? Nic decides they want alternative, hire the man behind "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" and then suddenly discover he's too alternative? Like it was some kind of news flash to them?

Gawd, I must ask Greg if it's possible to get aluminium AND lead in the drinking water at the same time. It's the only explanation I'm willing to accept.