November 11th, 2002



After two weeks off I went back to work today.

Just to make it worse I had a dream last night that I was independently wealthy and didn't need to wake up. I need no more proof that my own subconscious hates me and wants to hurt me.

Still, at least work is being gentle to me this morning, usually when I take time off things tend to mount up but since I started training people to do what I do (partly from some sort of conscience thing in case I left and partly to get some of the pressure off me) this hasn't been happening. Sure, it makes me more vunerable to redundancy but given that I no longer enjoy working here that's no longer such an issue. Gah... even the small amount of creative urges that kept schwoom going have been pissed down the drain by the monotony here and I don't enjoy not being able to think of anything interesting.

Come booze! show us the way!...

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