September 6th, 2002


Jeezie Creezie

In the news today:
The Lindsay Tribuinal report was released yesterday detailing the actions that lead to the infection of over 260 people with HIV and/or hepatitis C between 1970 and 1990. 79 of those infected have since died. The report found that the Irish Blood Transfusion Board had not put profit ahead of safety.
Criticisms have been leveled against doctors and officials associated with the IBTB claiming that they were callous or blase about the infections and that no apology had been forthcoming from any quarters involved in causing the infections. The results of the report categoricaly stated that the infection of 260 and death of 79 was no one's fault.
The IBTB was quoted as saying "umm, sorry about dat one..."

In other news, the US and the UK decided to bomb the unholy shit out of another defeated pissant desert nation populated by people who havn't eaten in a week.
Sorry, quick correction there, BUSH and BLAIR decided to attack, not the nations involved. Blair has stated that the UK will pay the ultimate sacrifice to help the US.. sorry.. Bush.. attack a nation that has invited arms inspectors into all factorys for the last decade and not bothered anyone in twelve years other than when the civilians had the utter nerve to try to dodge incoming bombs dropped by US fighters out for a quick bombing raid.

On the upside, UTV Internet might be introducing a pseudo flat rate internet access (based on 30, 60 or 90 hours a month online)

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D&D&D (Dogs and D&D)

I think I might do some work on my D20 setting this weekend if the opportunity arises. The Ravenloft book looks like a good place to start on ideas for making the D20 rules fit the setting (or the other way around). I like the setting, it seems cool so there's no reason not to do it basically. Come monday, if I've so much as touched the thing I'll post it up here.

On a sadder note, I also have to call home to see how the dalmation, Prince, is doing. Last time I spoke to mum he wasn't well and his rear legs weren't working properly. He's not the sort of dog to manage with a disability unfortunately since he is (and I'm not trying to be cruel here) as dumb as a post - a wonderful, loyal, happy dog but ultimately as thick as a plank.
He's on antibiotics which seem to he helping according to my sister. In her words "they're making him dopey but no more than usual". Poor mutt, they reckon it could be his nerves and I can believe that since he's the only animal I've ever encountered who can cause himself a siezure through the nasty shock of hearing himself bark.

Picture the scene:
Prince sits in the yard, someone walks past, he stands up and barks loudly at them. He then looks around suddenly to see what made the noise and the falls into a dead faint.

The sad thing is, he's still brighter than some of the humans I've encountered over the years.
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it's friday, it's half past four, it's time for...

There used to be this great show on british TV called knightmare. The gist was, four kids entered as a team, one entered a warehouse or something wearing a helmet that obscured all vision except for right below the helmet. The other three kids watched their team mate on a video screen from the set (made up like a castle throne room) where the dungeon master , Tregard (sp?) sat around and made sarcastic comments. Their job was to guide the kid in the helmet through computer generated dungeon rooms appearing on their screen by yelling "sidestep left.... LEFT!!! NO, YOUR OTHER LEFT!!" and helping solve puzzles. There were monsters, there were chess puzzles, there were obstacles that could be passed using certain items, there were plots, there were villains who villained really cheesily. It spawned two computer games and I would imagine it was responsible for a lot of kids thinking D&D might be cool. It was the only real positive gamer show I've ever seen.

God I miss that show sometimes, though it would probably be like my reaquaintance with Transformers (holy god that cartoon was crap, the comics are still cool, but.. yeesh..) For that reason I avoid ever seeing the Thunder Cats, Gobots, Centurions, He-Man or She-Ra...*cough* I mean a more...hetrosexually sound cartoon series like.. my little pony..

Nearly time to go home. It's a slow day, I may post again before half five, I'm bored.
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