The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

an extended to do list:

Because it's friday and I'm bored to tears.

Get some more hard disk space, maybe bring my total up to 300GB or so, you can never have too much.

Get the Sims 2, create a family and perform bizzare breeding experiments with them. Use the offspring from such unions to take over the UrbZ expansion.

Finish Half Life 2, replay it from scratch on hard mode with the sexy new graphics card. Then get that new Vampire game that looks so good.

Take a look at Poser 5.0 and see what all the fuss is about with the supposedly saucy new rendering engine and dynamic cloth effects. Play with 3DS Max a bit more and consider downloading a few other 3D apps.

Stop being astonished at
the frankly amazing variety of dodgy gear available for poser models.

Send off applications to a bunch of new jobs when I get home.

Fortify myself for the yearly job review.

Come up with some new year resolutions, not because I have any intention of keeping them but because people are always asking and saying "I don't make any" just leads to stupid, annoying comments.

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