The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Now that my eyesight has recovered to the point where I can spend a little time reading or paying attention to anything for any length of time I can get back to doing a little research for the game. Right now my list consists of poisons, exotic diseases and creative ways to smash one vehicle into another. I'm glad I don't have to explain these rather morbid activities to anyone, or why I'm indulging in them on a friday night.

Anyway, the worst is over, I have a few finishing touches left on the skills but now I'm mainly on to the merits and flaws end of things in terms of actually getting the thing written. As it stands I'm on about sixty pages at the moment with the character archetypes, equipment, skills and more than a few blank pages being used as placeholders for sections I still have to put in. I'm thinking this could double quite easily since I'm not exactly being conservative with the lengths of the different sections and the number of illustrations being used. At the moment for example I can see me doing about three pages on crashing vehicles and one page each on poisons and diseases. That's before I even get started on going through the combat system, not to forget the obligatory chunks of in game fiction... something I am not looking forward to and will almost certainly just start bothering someone else to do. Anyway, as a frame of reference, I'm using the World of Darkness core book as an example of how much detail to go into with the text and the D20 PHB as an example of how much detail to go into with the illustration.

The scope of the background is now pretty broad, far beyond the original Crusade, Company, Black Book and so on. I've been doing a lot of reading and watching of various movies and TV shows "learning" all I can about the various conspiracies that exist in real life or have been adapted and adopted by the media. Hopefully this will mean that players will be able to cover a wide range of different types of games and character types. Something that has always bothered be about conspiracy based games is their rather narrow scope and I think this should rectify things while managing to remain fairly coherent. That is to say there should be a minimum number of games where a housewife with an elvis obsession is running around with a bunch of FBI agents or at the very least I hope that the background should allow a plausable explanation as to why this is happening.

I was going to say "Why would anyone do this for a living?" and it occured to me that I'm doing this for some twisted version of "fun", but that might not be the case. Either way I doubt it's to be cool or for the praise. I'm not wondering about the 'why' in the "throwing my arms up and yelling 'why do I bother?' sense but it does seem like a strange way to pass the time considering I have no illusions that this is ever going to make me money or popular.

Finally, if anyone has a little bit of web space and wants to host the PDF as it is at the moment (horribly incomplete but viewable) let me know, I'm at the stage where feedback would be welcomed.

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