The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Me tired

Whoo boy.... after about a week without caffine in my system I finally cracked over the weekend (at metalrabbits behest so I could get some stuff done) and had me some diet coke. After a couple of glasses yesterday I was awake until about 4 AM (partly caffine, partly howling winds and driving rain) and was woken up at around 6 again by two particularly sharp and loud cracks of thunder. Result: I'm knackered.

Also, last night the brown rabbit seemed to reach sexual maturity and spent the evening harassing the crap out of the other one and trying to do the wild thing as best he could (and since we haven't determined the gender of the black rabbit, it may have been a fruitless endeavour) except for one unfortunate fact: he seemed unsure as to *where* he was supposed to go crazy. As a result, the black rabbit (Friend) was having hips thrusted in its face, ribs, ears and God knows where else. I tried to spare it some of the indignity by keeping it on my lap for a while but then it decided to climb onto my shoulder and down my back before depositing itself onto some boxes behind me and had to be put back in the cage as it was the lesser of two potentially dangerous situations. Tonight I try and find some way of seperating them on a temporary basis until I get the little horndog to a vet.

In anarchy online news, myself, iresprite, gothwalk and inanna are all playing now at various levels. I've hit the level 8 mark so I can start dishing out some serious healing and the others are somewhere in that region. That guy from work should be starting up soon and I reckon when I get the chance what I'll do is get a few of us together, grab some newbies and form the organisation/clan/guild (and then the newbies can leave it) and then everyone else can join at their leisure so we can have a permanant chat channel to talk through rather than relying on being in a team or sending private messages.

Tonight may involve more TV than AO since I'm tired, but somehow the siren call of Rubi Ka might get the better of me I reckon.

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