The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Ignore me

For I need to vent, and I need people to know it happened, because swearing alone in the house is a shade too sad.

Dear Bush Voters
You stupid fucking cunts. You insular, inbred, irresponsible pieces of fucking shit. You retards won't be fucking happy until that throwback declares himself president for life. Do you dimbulbs not get it? HE LIED TO YOU REPEATEDLY. HE IS STILL DOING IT.
They say a nation gets the president it deserves. Well you arseholes are going to get precisely what you deserve, shivering in a fucking gutter after losing your homes and pensions to another one of his pal's brainiac schemes. The only shame is that you'll have taken so many decent people with you.
Oh, and see how fucking clever you feel and how much you support the president when you're drafted, your families are lacking one earner and the healthcare system has gone further to hell since all the doctors are in the middle east.

Fuck it, never mind. Saddam drove the planes into the two towers, the iraqi civillians deserved everything they got obviously and don't worry, not a single one of the dead were innocent civillians. Screech "get over it" and "four more years" all you like, I won't even mention how much it scares me that in twenty years you shitheads haven't learned a single lesson about the republican party. Comment here if you like, I'll still think you're a God damned idiot.

Rational though will be resumed in a minute, I just needed to get that out of my system before I'd be capable of discussing anything rationally for quite some time.
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