The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Go me!

Rang IT Direct, told them I wanted the machine ready to pick up by this evening or a refund. I was completly reasonable about it, no raised voices or swearing or nuttin. I told them I didn't care if they didn't have the card in stock, I needed the machine back (which is oh so true, I have an emotional attachment to digital violence) and couldn't wait any longer.

The guy at the other end of the phone was trying to fob me off until I got as far as the line "I mean I've had enough at this stage, it's had three repairs in seven months, I need it fixed now (guy prepares a brush off) or I want a refund (guy says guh and mutters about needing to talk to someone else)"

So I'm awaiting a phone call from them soon. There's no bluffing involved here, I'd actually prefer the refund since I could buy an even better machine from Dell with better after sales service for the same amount of cash. If they fix it, the stupid thing will likely break down again anyway.

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