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Even more on AO

A bit more info:

One of the things about MMORPGs is that there can be a lot of waiting (hell, this is true of even Diablo multiplayer) while a group assembles itself. It can occasionally be a little frustrating but I reckon that it shouldn't be so much of a problem since we'll all know each other and can at least chat during the wait. Just never expect to get much done in a group if you're only logging on for half an hour. Half an hour is long enough to do a solo mission perhaps, little more.

The other point is : Ladies, the female avatars can be a little exploitative, theres a wide range of clothing available for all genders and races, but acceptable about town attire seems to be a thong. Just remember, it may be sexist, but it's a sad, pathetic sort of sexist because most of those women are being played by men with very good graphics cards who spend a lot of time in their apartments (in game and in real life)

Oh yeah, apartments. You get a house by default. You enter one of the apartment blocks, claim a space and you can leave your stuff in the apartment and also decorate it (yup, there are shops selling lamps, sofas, lava lamps, pot plants and so on)

Never beg, never give to those who beg as you'll need that cash eventually, if not very soon. If you need cash, that's what this whole group idea is for, like I said, I have a level 40 engineer/cash cow to keep us going for quite some time. Just remember that implants aren't cheap, but they ARE necessary and guns have to be kept bang up to date if possible.

The reason I mentioned picking neutrals as the faction we should all join (by walking through the door marked "neutral" at character generation - as opposed to the clan or omni doors) is that once you're a member of clan or omni, if you take a wrong turn and find yourself in opposing turf, you'll be dead six times before you hit the ground when the NPC guards and ground defences and, on occasion, hulking AT-AT things open up on you and fry yo' ass. Neutrals don't have that problem. On the downside though, they don't have access to some specialist equipment like omni medical coats and certain weapons or armor.
More to the point though, you'll almost never be shot in the back while walking through the countryside if you're a neutral (though there are always assholes willing to try, I once had one loser threaten me for an hour) You can visit all areas in the entire game without the danger of players added to the regular background danger.

Another black mark against neutrality is that the omni and clan sides get little medal bars they can wear. Each time you complete a mission you get a pip to add to the bar and more pips mean more benefits (300 being the max or something) like large HP bonuses or to hit bonuses. Neutrals don't get that.

The other thing is that I know the neutral areas reasonably well and know the good spots to kill things and get missions and where some dungeons are, yadda yadda yadda.

We seem to have six potential players at the mo, a guy in work is also interested in playing, possibly a sneak, possibly a nano technician.

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