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Bloody hell

I let the two rabbits out for a quick half hour run at midnight and I've only just managed to get them back in their cage two hours after I started. Admittedly I decided to let them win a few times and give them ten more minutes here and there but they seemed to know when I was going to make another attempt.

Since they were already pissed off at me I dedided to give them their monthly checkup for the usual (teeth, claws, signs of stress or disease and so on) and other than the fact that their claws could stand to be trimmed again, they seem in perfect health except for one major exception. The little dude definitely has a problem with his teeth. I've suspected it for a couple of weeks now but I managed to check him under strong lighting this evening and it seems that his top incisors have gotten quite short, his lower ones have gotten too long for my liking, especially compared to the other ones' perfect set (needless to say I have a fresh set of cuts from doing her examination). More to the point, the lower set aren't quite pointing in the right direction, they're off to the left by maybe five degrees and one of the incisors is a bit wonky and browner than I'm altogether happy about.

So it looks like a visit to the vet is in order, more stress for the poor little sod (and more expense for my poor wallet) but it needs to be done. Would anyone perhaps know of a particularly good rabbit vet in the city? (preferably south side of course). The ones who did the neutering seem pretty bloody good and I'll probably go there but if theres one that specialises in rabbits by some chance then they might be a better bet for dude dentistry.

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