The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Damn the man

I'm being very tempted by the concept of Serial ATA raid drive configuration. That might not mean much to most of you but the gist is that you take two hard drives and link them in parallel such that they both contain exactly the same data. The PC writes to both hard disks at the same time and reads from them both at the same time. The difference is that when its reading the disks for a file it takes half the file off one disk and half the file off the other disk at the same time, reducing read speeds by 50%, if not more thanks to the nifty tech involved further down the line. Useless to most people unless games are loading levels too slowly for your liking but for 3D applications it speeds everything up exponentially.

As I said last night, everything on my new setup seems to be working perfectly well at the moment. I still have a few tasks left to deal with but all is well with the world. Tonight I'll install and patch Dark Age of Camelot and see where I left off.

It seems that someone has been stealing more mail from the letterboxes in our apartment block. Time to start installing mousetraps I reckon.

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