The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Name a book you own that nobody on your friendslist owns
Orpheus - Haunting the dead. Its an RPG novel so the odds are good that I'm right in picking this one. Any number of RPG books I guess. Other than that I don't know. My tastes in fiction are much the same as many of my friends.

CD or album you own that nobody on your friendslist owns

Hootie and the Blowfish seems like a reasonable guess, God knows I get enough grief for having bought it. Apart from that I can't say for certain. I'd hazard a guess at some Foo Fighters albums or Alice in Chains but I can't be sure. Nothing I can be proud of anyway.

Movie you own that nobody on your friendslist owns
Well, I like some pretty awful movies so I could probably name a few. Off the top of my head the most likely candidates are:

O.N.E. - One Nation Earth.
Krull, though where it is I cannot say.

Someplace I've been where y'all haven't
There are two that I'd be almost certain of, I come from an area not too far from utterlymundane but I'd be surprised to learn he'd bothered with either of them. Both are big buildings on islands in the middle of a lake. The first is Cloich Uachtar Castle, a big old castle on a big rock (Cloich is irish for rock) in the middle of loch uachtar (irish for creamy lake I'm guessing). Irish language spelling purists, please direct any complaints to the nearest brick wall. Its claim to fame is that it was once the prison of Bishop Bedell, the man who translated the bible from latin into Irish. This pissed the church establishment off something rotten because now the peasants could read it for themselves instead of having to go to the clergy, so they locked him in a castle in the middle of a lake.
The second place is Trinity Abbey, again on an island in the middle of a lake. Its slightly more hazardous to get to thanks to some marshes, big unpredictable rocks just below the waterline and asshole fishermen leaving hooks everywhere but its still kinda cool.
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