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Righto, a little info on the topic.

Most physical stats determine what armor you can wear as well as whats below.

Strength - determines hand to hand damage.
Agility - good for dodging and attacking.
Stamina - determines hit points.
Intelligence - Determines mana points
Sense - can determine some powers and mainly your ability to spot traps and hidden creatures and items.
Psychic - your magic casting ability.

The races of the game are:
Solitus - human humans, the basic race, nothing special or terrible about them. They're good at all classes equally and all their stats are decent.

Optifex - Sneaky tricky sods, they make good adventurers and fixers. They've got good agility and sense, decent strength, intelligence and psychic and bad strength. They're like kender or halflings really.

Nanomages - magic humans, baldish with wierd eyes. They make good adventurers, meta physicists (psions in D&D terms, they use pets which are extensions of of their will) and nano-technicians (mages). They're big on intelligence and psychic, average in stamina and sense, crap elsewhere. Essentially they're the magic race.

Atrox - Big neuter gender ork things. They make good adventurers, enforcers (barbarians) and soldiers (gunners) They're big on strength and stamina but regular in agility and crap elsewhere. Dey hit tings.

Classes: (most classes can do most things, but obviously a gun using class has problems using martial arts since the martial arts cost more points to improve - think cross class skills in D20)
Adventurer - explorers and scouts, they can shapechange. They're good at heading out on their own.
Agent - snipers, sneaky sods.
Doctor - healers and the like, they have some limited improvement spells but their big thing is that they can build cybernetic implants better than any other class. These implants can improve a person's skills dramatically and semi permenantly when installed. They're poor in combat.
Enforcers - barbarians, they use big hand weapons.
Engineer - a class I used to play a lot. They build robots to send into battle. They're fairly feeble in hand to hand but the bots can be meaty. They can also build guns but I found that not to be worthwhile. They're generally accepted to be the weakest class in the game (by almost all players). They may get better but right now they're depressing.
Fixer - They're magic using thieves. They can sneak, pick locks and move pretty fast. They're also masters of the use of the grid ( a system like transporter technology but not instantaneous, you travel around inside a computer to gain access to points of interest that could easily be an hours walk from the nearest rail station ) They're also good with devices of all kinds.
Martial Artist - much as it sounds, they're handy with bows and arrows, beating people with their fists and using special moves to kick the head off enemies.
Bureaucrat - They use a combination of charming spells and summoning spells to make sure they have pets to send into combat. They control combat as a rule by stopping movement and attacks or causing fear. They're the only class in the game ever known to have charmed the tarrasque (yup, that fecker is in the game) Manipulators really.
Metaphysicist - as said before, they summon pets using the power of their minds to kick ass. They have a few movement restriction spells too.
Nano Technician - mages, pure and simple.
Soldier - they use lots of guns, they like guns.
Trader - a popular class, they can improve damned near any skill in the game on anyone else at the expense of their own. So, they can improve a doctor's skills, decreasing their own (temporarially) so the doctor makes better implants and everone is happier.

There are three groups in the game, clan, neutral and omni.
Omni are the big soulless organisation of probable naughtiness. The clans are opposed to them and the neutrals have no part in it all. I reckon we should go with neutral myself since picking a side means members of the other side can kill you. Neutrals are largely immune to those problems. When we get more powerful we can change to a different side.

Devices - making stuff uses devices, guns, rings and so on. Device users can make some really powerful stuff.

So, I'll post more here as time goes on about what's happening with this idea. Feel free to post more input here folks :)

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