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As soul destroying as it is to have to go back to the process of digging through the various books I use for research, I've nearly finished the list of skills for UW for the second time. I swear to God, if they ever (unlikely at this stage) catch the fucker that nicked my old laptop I'm going appeal to the judge to have his fingers broken a few times. If anyone has decent dictation software I could borrow use then now would be the best time ever to mention it.

Right now I'm about 30% of the way through the text of the core book which translates into probably another month of the painful task of redoing everything I did before but once I get the skills done it'll be plain sailing. The format of the skill list if very similar to that of the D20 PHB or the new World of Darkness core book. Bearing in mind that the system works like so:
Roll a number of dice equal to your rank in the skill and hope that some of them show a number that is less than the associated statistic)
The skill format goes along the lines of:

Skill name (associated statistic)
Skill description
Sample circumstance modifiers
Sample equipment modifiers
Other uses of the skill (for example, the "Drive - car" skill can be used for more than just getting from A to B, other uses would be trying to follow another car, possibly without being seen. Or you could be deliberately trying to run someone over or ram an object.

The upshot being that each skill description is a self contained set of rules for using that particular skill and there should be no need to reference any other part of the book (there'll be exceptions of course but 95% of them shouldn't).

At the last count the old skill list had somewhere in the region of ninety skills and using the above format means that each one takes up anything from half a page to three quarters of a page. Factor in illustrations and you're looking at around sixty pages.. whee!

Anyway, I'm aiming for the thirty first of october for finishing the text of the first draft. Of course my aim is terrible as a rule but the last time I did this I was guessing that today would be the release and I wouldn't have been far off the mark. This time however I'll be posting the text on a regular basis because I'm paranoid as all hell now.


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