The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

In the future, there is only the same phrase repeated many times

After my adventures in Game on friday cartographer managed to find me a copy of Dawn of War in gamestop, much to my delight. Its good, very good. Normally I don't really like real time strategy games but this could be the one that changes my mind about the genre. There are no gold mines or resource points as such, there are two types of "cash" as it were - power and requisition. Power is generated by stations and adds to a pool (like cash in other RTS) and requisition is generated by going out and capturing strategic points on the battlefield, the more you hold the more requisition is generated. A simple change but one that means you have to get stuck into the fight and defend certain points well away from your base. You can build squads of soldiers, you can increase the number in a squad up to a certain limit, give them commanders, add special characters and pop them in vehicles (which can also be upgraded) There is a limit on the number of squads and vehicles you can have and bigger, more powerful squads/vehicles move you much closer to that limit. For example, where a tank might take two points towards your limit, the land raider supertanks take five points.

Two complaints:
On normal difficulty its a bit too easy, I'm on mission 10 and I've only had one instance where I was a bit worried about my ability to finish the level (I thought I had wiped out the computer bases in one area but it had set up a small one, which I didn't notice, and then it swarmed my base and I only managed to pull my troops back from the front to defend it at the last second. My seemingly impregnable defences having been torn to shreds in a minute or two).
Would it kill RTS developers to devote another meg or two to the phrases uttered by units when you select or move them? The Space Marines (the army you play in campaign mode) have sod all variety in the units (you just tool them up according to the task you want them to complete) so you get to hear the same phrases about a thousand times.

Still.. saucy, I shall be playing this one online I suspect.

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