The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Awww yeah

I get my computer back this evening! finally!.

It seems that this time around, the motherboard was fried, which is about as bad as it could have been I guess. The odd thing is that by now, I don't care so much. I've spent the better part of the last fortnight painting fantasy miniatures for games of D&D or MERP or the like. I've done a knight with warhammer and an elven scout/archer/ranger so far (much of the rest of the time was spent trimming and cleaning and converting the models in question before painting them) and on saturday I picked up the helms deep heros set from games workshop (aragorn, cloaked legolas, cloaked gimli, eowyn, haldir, theoden, gamling, elven standard bearer) and the battles of middle earth magazine (men of gondor, elven swordsmen, elven archers) and sometime soon I intend on getting the elrond model because it's intensely bad ass. Once the computer is back I'll take a few pictures if it seems like anyone is remotely interested :).

On a different note, somewhat more computer gamey related. Now that several of us have working computers and something approaching decent web connectivity, what do people think of the notion of a bit of Anarchy online (yeah, I know what I said about it before, but those issues were dealt with in later patches) together as a gang? Iresprite, gothwalk, inanna, puritybrown.... I'm looking at you people in particular here. It's a cheap enough subscription and I'm sure one or two of us have l33t sk1llz... or something. Gothwalk can be an enforcer with a huge sword, I'll be an engineer or a doctor, iresprite can be some sort of gun-ninja and inanna can be a nano technician and (as is usual with these games) make us feel inadequete because her spells do more damage than guns and don't use ammo, or cost money. Metalrabbit could be one of those adventurers who turn into parrots and rabbits and massive sixteen foot high slavering saber toothed wolverine lion things.

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