The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I watched the pilot of Deadwood last night and I'll admit to being pleasantly surprised. I was doubtful that Ian McShane (who was in babylon 5? I did not know that) could play a bastard but there he was, beating hookers and having people killed. Also, the cast was like a big old "whos who" of folks you see in movies but you can never put a name to them or precisely remember where you saw them before (with the exception of Timothy Olyphant who was in the god awful "the girl next door" recently). Sod all plot so far, just setting the scene and establishing the characters and liberally dousing the set with testosterone. I think I might be tuning in next week.

Also, as cartographer pointed out, there is an awfully bad quality trailer for the firefly movie "Serenity" doing the rounds at the moment. It makes me happy (in my pants) despite the inevitable liberties they'll have to take with the background to make the movie understandable to the non fanatical fan type people.

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