The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

the 10 best aliens thing

Counting from 10 to 1 unlike cartographer I guess one of us wasn't paying attention when top of the pops was on telly. One possible, potential spoiler in here for Final Fantasy: the spirits within.

10 Marvin the Martian - I identify with him in many ways. Primarially in the "rabbit destroys his equipment" manner of course.

9. Invader Zim - Filling in the token "complete insanity" position on the poll.

8. The original Kosh from B5 - if you contradict me, you will die. Also, if you go shopping, you will die, if you don't do precisely what I say, you will die. Yes, good.

Oh... I was wrong, whaddya know?

7. The ghosts from Final Fantasy: the spirits within - Any aliens that can consume your immortal soul by accident has to be cool.

6. Lennier from B5 - Its more that I like the character than that he's an amazing alien or anything, but he's an alien... so he's in this chart.

5. The Predator - Okay, technically theres little to separate the predator and say.. Jason or Michael Meyers from the Friday the 13th or halloween series of movies, the poser scale is way up though, where Jason or Michael were fought back with spoons and electric lights, the predator required a minigun and Jesse Ventura. More to the point though, the predator gave you the feeling that the characters were actually being hunted, toyed with by something that vastly outclassed them.

4. The Transformers - Strictly speaking (and just to be a snob about this) I'm talking about the transformers in the comics, not the movie or TV and not the godawful beast wars or more recent shite they're peddling (I'll refrain from being one of the losers who go on about "raping my childhood" however). Anyway, they were robots.. and also cars. Sort of the typical male fantasy from before we knew what we were supposed to be worried about.

3. The Daleks - Despite the fact that every shite comedian in the world loves nothing more than to point out that you need only climb the stairs to be free of them they still scared the piss out of me as a kid. Furthermore, every shitty comedian in the world who loves to slag them off is a moron - they CAN climb stairs, its just that it was never really something that mattered since their death rays could destroy the building (FYI, they could hover and move up and down on a purple light)

2. The Borg - They're like space zombies, and everyone loves zombies.

1. The Alien from Alien - If I was confident enough of its meaning, I'd use the word "quintessential" to describe them. But I'm not, so I'll call them "cool" instead. Most of the stuff I liked about the predator applies here only there are millions of these Aliens so they win by sheer weight of numbers.

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